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Earn a Master of Arts in Human Services with an Emphasis in Forensic Behavioral Health

Degree or Certificate Programs Available


AIAFS training attendees are eligible for a program discount.

$2,000 MA scholarship / $1,000 Certificate scholarship

The American Institute for the Advancement of Forensic Studies (AIAFS) partnered with Concordia University, St. Paul in the development of a Master of Art’s degree program, and a Certificate program.  Both programs target professionals who have an interest in the field of Forensic Mental Health and related care-systems.

The partnership enhances curriculum and professional training by using a comprehensive educational approach that focuses on forensic disciplines and current criminal justice issues.  The first five courses outlined are offered as a Post-Graduate Certificate in Forensic Behavioral Health program format.

Additional Program Information:

This program will provide human service professionals significant detail regarding the disabilities and disorders often associated with people involved in the criminal justice, legal, and forensic behavioral health care systems. In addition, students will learn evidence-based practices and intervention strategies that have demonstrated positive success with improving the lives of individuals involved in the criminal justice and legal systems.

Program Highlights

  • Degree programs begin multiple times per year
  • Each course earns 3 credits and lasts only 7 weeks
  • Learn from expert instructors in a flexible format
  • 100% online course delivery format
  • Online discussion just one night a week that is always on the same night and time
  • Accelerated program: Complete MA degree in just over 19 months & Certificate in 8 months

Need more of a reason to further your education and improve your future? Check out the testimonials below from professors and past students of the program.

Testimonial: Jerrod Brown

Description: Concordia University partnered with AIAFS in the development of an MA in Human Services with an emphasis on Forensic Mental Health. Jerrod Brown is the AIAFS CEO and Program Director of the Master Degree program.

Testimonial: Rachel Tiede

Description: Rachel is an Adjunct Professor at Concordia University currently instructing a fully on-line course entitled: “Family Violence, PTSD & Trauma.”

Testimonial: Holly I.

Description: Holly is a graduate and former student enrolled in the Master of Arts Degree in Human Services with an emphasis on Forensic Mental Health at Concordia University, a fully on-line program.

For more information on the program, please contact Jerrod Brown or Janina Cich from Concordia University, St Paul.

Jerrod Brown, Ph.D.

Concordia University, St Paul

Assistant Professor

Master of Arts Degree in Human Services with an Emphasis in Forensic Behavioral Health Program Director 

Email – [email protected]

Phone # – 651-734-5517


Janina Cich

Concordia University, St Paul

Criminal Justice Program Director

Professor of Criminal Justice & Forensic Behavior Health

Phone # – 763-742-6120

Email – [email protected]