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  • The Essentiality of Sleep While Recovering From Depression

  • 10 Things Criminal Justice and Allied Professionals Need to Know About Suicide

  • Arsonist Sub-Types How Understanding Them Assists in Investigations and Treatment [Forensic Mental Health Columnist Interview]

  • Ten Facts about Youth Firesetting that Law Enforcement Professionals Need to Know

  • Confabulation among Offender Populations: Facts Correctional Professionals Need to Know

  • Data-Driven Decision Making- One States Efforts to Improve Juvenile Justice Outcomes [Forensic Mental Health Columnist Interview]

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Competency to Stand Trial (CST) A Need for Greater Understanding and Further Research

  • Unintended Mental Consequences of Gang Membership

  • Desistance from Crime: An Introduction for Criminal Justice Professionals

  • Repercussions of Bullying on Adolescent Mental Health

  • Quick Guide for Parents: What to Expect as a Caretaker of a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Policing the People – Mental Health, Diversity, Ethics [Forensic Mental Health Columnist Interview]

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Forensic Mental Health Insider is the official, quarterly membership publication of American Institute for the Advancement of Forensic Studies (AIAFS). Every article is written with the intention of providing informative, clear-cut and useful information for professionals and students interested in learning more about topics related to the field of forensic mental health.

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