Individual Membership

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Membership Benefits Include:

  • An annual certificate of membership
  • Discounts on webinar training events
  • One or more FREE webinars on a forensic mental health related topic quarterly
  • Member-only access to a webinar portal containing self-paced educational videos on a variety of topics that include a post-test and certificate of completion
  • Access to current and trending topics with the goal of developing greater knowledge about the latest discoveries, findings, and breakthroughs in the field of forensic mental health and allied disciplines
  • Access to Forensic Mental Health Insider, the official quarterly publication of AIAFS including current articles on trending subject matter
  • Access to exclusive interviews of professionals in forensic mental health disciplines with AIAFS’ Forensic Mental Health Columnist Cheryl Arndt Insider membership publication
  • Access to a quarterly expert interview on a variety of topics in Forensic Mental Health disciplines
  • Collaboration with students and professionals by publishing articles in AIAFS’ Forensic Mental Health Insider
  • Access to a member only open forum style Facebook group to post comments, relevant research, or questions and tips for professionals across the Forensic Mental Health disciplines
  • Forensic Scholars Facebook Club provides members opportunities to network and gain knowledge through our member-only Facebook page


AIAFS is a professional organization dedicated to providing interdisciplinary trainings and conferences to professionals working in the fields of criminal justice, education, law, medicine, and psychology. Since its inception in 2011, AIAFS has provided trainings throughout the forensic disciplines by having offered more than 125 on-site seminars and conferences on a variety of topics related to the field of forensic mental health. The training topics are broad in nature yet offer current and relevant research, trending content, and expertise from a host of trainers who are recognized locally, nationally, and internationally.

AIAFS is now pleased to offer a professional membership program. Membership benefits are designed to provide opportunities to enhance competency in topics related to the field of forensic mental health. Highlights of membership include participation in online and on-site educational trainings, collaboration with professionals in the field, networking opportunities, and facilitating connections with experts on relevant topics.

Membership means being a part of a professional organization that is dedicated to increasing awareness within the forensic mental health field on a continuous basis.


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