Meet AIAFS' Staff

Darian Poser, BA

Jerrod Brown Darian Poser, BA, currently serves as the Executive Manager for the American Institute for the Advancement of Forensic Studies (AIAFS) and has been with the organization since 2013. Darian earned her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice in December of 2016. She currently works as an Investigative Analyst at a local law enforcement agency in the greater Twin Cities, Minnesota, area. She has previous experience as a victim-witness coordinator for a team of criminal prosecutors, a trial advocate for child and adult victims of domestic and sexual assault, confidential domestic violence/sexual assault advocate, and a women's self-defense and martial arts instructor. Darian is also a certified health coach, having completed a 12-week certification program with Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. As the AIAFS Executive Manager, Darian has facilitated over one hundred on-site or virtual training events pertaining to the field of forensic mental health and is a contributor to AIAFS' membership publication titled Forensic Mental Health Insider. Darian has additional certifications in Cornerhouse Forensic Interviewing and Fundamentals in Victim Services, as well as a Certified Neuroscience-Informed Practitioner. With a special focus on victim-centered and trauma-informed investigations, as well as sexual-assault advocacy, Darian has provided both formal and informal training to local and county government agencies on the following topics: Victim-Centered investigations, victim-centered interviewing (including best practices for interviewing sexual assault victims/survivors), women's safety and awareness, Minnesota Protective Orders, trauma-informed investigations, trauma-informed law enforcement interviews, victim/survivor rights, victim/survivor involvement in prosecution, and more.