At AIAFS, we understand that it's crucial for professionals in the Forensic Mental Health fields to stay up to date with accurate and relevant research. Below are multiple resources and articles to help you do just that.

Forensic Scholars Today (FST) is the official quarterly newsletter publication of the American Institute for the Advancement of Forensic Studies (AIAFS) in partnership with Concordia University, St. Paul. The goal of FST is to provide our readership with high-quality, practitioner- and professional-based publications on an array of forensic mental health-related topics. The peer reviewed, scholarly articles published by FST are online, 100% free and accessible by the public.

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Become a member of AIAFS' Forensic Scholars Membership Program for access to more articles through two membership publications. The Forensic Mental Health Insider is released quarterly and includes articles on forensic mental health topics, as well as at least one interview with AIAFS' Forensic Mental Health Columnist Cheryl Arndt where she speaks with a professional in the forensic mental health field. Every article is written with the intention of providing informative, clear-cut and useful information for professionals and students interested in learning more about topics related to the field of forensic mental health. The Forensic Mental Health Practitioner is published twice per year and is a multidisciplinary publication that publishes scholarly articles relevant to professionals working in a diverse array of criminal justice, forensic mental health, and human service settings. Common topics include the assessment, treatment, and case management of criminal justice-involved populations. All articles are extensively referenced, consistent with APA 6th edition formatting, and thoroughly screened and reviewed by the publication's board to ensure high quality.