Meet AIAFS' Expert Trainers

Lucas Volini, DMFT, LFMT

Lucas Volini, DMFT, LMFT, is an assistant professor at St. Cloud State University in the Department of Community Psychology, Counseling, and Family Therapy with a current appointment as Clinical Director of the graduate program in Marriage and Family Therapy. Dr. Volini's research focuses on the development of Global Family Therapy and Global Systems Theory which examine the relationship between an individual's self-esteem as it relates to the cultural standards and expectations of his or her family and social system. Dr. Volini's research is published in peer-reviewed academic journals and he is the independent author of a textbook on the theory and practice of marriage and family therapy, currently in its second edition. Further, Dr. Volini has been developing the framework of macrosystemic assessment and intervention to inform his method for constructing politically-differentiated policy. His writings on influencing Family Policy informs the official position statement of the American Family Therapy Academy's Human Rights and Family Policy Committee and has been presented on nationally. Most recently, Dr. Volini serves as a founding Chief Editor of Gray Dialogues, an online community generating educational resources with the overall mission to rehumanize multicultural and political discourse. With a diverse background in clinical practice, Dr. Volini maintains part-time private practice at Lorenz Clinic in Victoria, MN where he sees individuals, couples, and families.