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Bethany Hastings, MA

Bethany Hastings, MA Bethany Hastings, MA, is the Program Supervisor at People Incorporated, Riverwind Crisis Residence. Riverwind serves adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses through short term residential stays that provide individual and group interventions for mental health crises. Previously she has worked with individuals with autism spectrum disorder in multiple out-patient settings including in-home, classroom, early intervention center and adult center. She has her master's degree in Adlerian Psychology, clinical counseling, marriage and family therapy and art therapy. Bethany is currently working towards LPCC licensure and obtaining a board certification in art therapy.

Co-Authored Articles:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Criminal Justice System: A Review for Caregivers and Professionals
  • Youth Firesetting Behavior and Autism Awareness, Recognition, Action and Education
  • Benefits of Art Therapy as Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Exploratory Review
  • Suicide Risk in Adults with Autism
  • Autism and Victimization
  • The Role of Autism in Family Conflict and Divorce