Meet AIAFS' Expert Trainers

Beth A. Quinby, MA, LPCC

Elizabeth A. Quinby, M.A., LPCC, is a Positive Supports Professional for Integrity Living Options, Inc. in Minneapolis, Minnesota, working with individuals diagnosed with SPMI to remain in the community by providing clinical oversight and cognitive behavioral training to skills workers. She is also an outpatient therapist at Mankato Marriage and Family Therapy, with a background in working with victims, survivors and perpetrators of domestic violence. Elizabeth works with the American Institute for the Advancement of Forensic studies as a lead event coordinator for continuing education opportunities, and as a contributor to their membership publications, Forensic Mental Health Insider and Forensic Mental Health Practitioner.  Elizabeth has research interests in eyewitness memory, suggestibility, false memories, and police interrogations, and plans to pursue a doctorate degree specializing in these areas.