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Suicide: A 5,000 Piece Puzzle Without the Box   (MEMBERS ONLY)

Presented by Chris Caulkins, MPH, MA, EdD,

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Webinar Objectives:

  • Contrast the prevalence of suicide with other manners and causes of death.
  • Discuss common suicidology theory.
  • Cite suicide risk and protective factors.
  • Apply the suicidality continuum to one’s own discipline/field.
  • Identify elements of suicidality in a given case.


Nearly 45,000 suicide deaths are reported in the U.S. annually and the true number is estimated to be two to three times higher. This means that deaths due to suicide occur 246 to 369 times each day, which makes suicide a greater public health problem than the opioid crisis, but with far less attention. What leads a person to overcome the strong self-preservation instinct is a puzzling array of factors that are subjective to each individual. Join Chris for a glimpse at this complex puzzle and snap a few pieces together. Topics covered include leading theories, risk factors, protective elements, and how to put some of the clues together to mitigate a tragedy.

A post-test, handout, and certificate of completion will be provided upon completion of this one-hour webinar.

Presenter Biography:

 Chris Caulkins, MPH, MA, EdD, is executive director of the Strub Caulkins Center for Suicide Research, program director /faculty for the emergency medical services (EMS) program at Century College, and paramedic for the City of Woodbury, Minnesota.

Chris serves on the Minnesota Suicide Prevention State Plan Goal 3 Subcommittee, the National Alliance on EMS Resiliency, the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, and as a peer support facilitator for those bereaved by suicide.

Chris became a suicidologist after the suicide death of his wife. Chris’ resolve strengthened after the suicide death of his brother, and multiple EMS colleagues. He has experienced, first-hand, the sting of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and suicidal ideation. Chris presents on suicide and related phenomena on a state, national, and international level.

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