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An Introduction to Youth Firesetting Behavior    (MEMBERS ONLY)

Presented by Don Porth

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Webinar Objectives:

  • Participants will gain an understanding of youth firesetting behavior.
  • Participants will gain an understanding of the characteristics of the behavior.
  • Participants will gain an understanding of the distinction between child firesetting and juvenile arson.
  • Participants will recognize community partners and who agencies other than fire can contribute to addressing youth firesetting behaviors.


The goal of the course is to provide a basic understanding of youth firesetting behaviors and how they impact the community. 

The course would be applicable to professionals who may encounter youth, and youth exhibiting firesetting behaviors, in the course of their work.  This would include professionals whose work involves behavior modification or application of legal sanctions. 

A post-test, handout, and certificate of completion will be provided upon completion of this one-hour webinar.

Presenter Biography:

Don Porth has been a member of the fire service since 1980.  He began his career with Happy Valley RFPD as a student and volunteer.  In 1983, Don became a Firefighter/EMT with the Salem Fire Department.  In 1984, Don was hired by Portland Fire & Rescue, serving his first 6 years as a firefighter/EMT and working as a hazardous materials specialist. 

In 1988, Don began working with the youth firesetting intervention program, becoming the manager 1990 when promoted to Fire Inspector and assigned to the Public Education Office.  In 1996, Don was promoted to supervise the PEO, overseeing all outreach activities.  In 2004, Don was reassigned to a specialist position in PEO to focus on the development of the Safety Learning Center & Fire Museum, a project he completed in 2008.  Don was re-assigned to his supervisory position in 2010 where he remained until his retirement July 2011. 

Don now works as a fire and injury prevention consultant in his community, state, and the nation, working with organizations like Vision 20/20, Stop At 4 Child Window Fall Prevention Campaign, and other similar efforts.  Since 2011, he has served on the Executive Committee of "YFIRES,” a project of the IAFF.  Don served as President of "SOS FIRES: Youth Intervention Programs” since the youth firesetting intervention non-profit’s inception in 1996 until its conclusion in 2016.

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