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Database Development for Statistical Analysis   (MEMBERS ONLY)

Presented by Jeff Mathwig

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Webinar Objectives:

  • Examine how to work with live data, organizing data on your desktop, and traditional naming conventions.
  • Learn the essentials of building a database including the data collection process and entering data into a database properly, as well as examining it for errors.
  • Practice building a database and doing a basic statistical analysis on it. Our example will be focused on forensics, but what is learned can be applied to many fields.


The Center for Homicide Research is nationally known for their commitment to high-quality forensics database creation and research relating to homicide prevention. Many organizations can gain valuable information using simple statistical analysis on data that they already have. This data, when coded into a database, can provide valuable insight into operations within an organization and ultimately improve operations, cut costs, or improve understanding of issues in greater detail. In forensics, it is imperative that we understand common pitfalls that ruin data. This training will solidify the participants understanding of the process by which someone searches for data, codes data, checks for accuracy, and finally does statistical analysis.

A post-test, handout, and certificate of completion will be provided upon completion of this one-hour webinar.

Presenter Biography:

Jeff Mathwig is the research manager and acting development officer of the Center for Homicide Research, a non-profit based in Minneapolis, Minnesota dedicated to the prevention of homicide. As research manager, Jeff Mathwig spends much of his time overseeing research projects and managing staff. Mr. Mathwig has attended many trainings conducted by acclaimed scholars including Dr. Eric Hickey, Dr. James Densley, and Dallas Drake.

Mr. Mathwig’s research interests include gun violence prevention, homicide clusters, and the impact on the American criminal justice system on communities of color. Mathwig’s most recent work centers around the impact the Pulse Nightclub Shooting had on members of the LGBT+ community’s use and perceptions of concealed firearms.

Mr. Mathwig is a member of the Homicide Research Working Group, American Society of Criminology, and American Association of Geographers. Currently, Mathwig is working on a database of permit to carry incidents. The goals of this research are to identify common trends in permit to carry incidents and present the findings for consideration in future policy decisions. In addition to this, Mathwig is the lead organizer for the March to End Homicide.

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