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The American Institute for the Advancement of Forensic Studies - Webinar

Smartphones and Self-Actualization: Creating Purpose in an Increasingly Digital World   (MEMBERS ONLY)

Presented by Jessica L. Faulk, MSW, LCSWA, and Dr. Joshua Kirven, Ph.D.

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Webinar Objectives:

  • To discuss the positive and negative impact of smartphones on normal life functioning.
  • To explore the possibility that smartphones can lead to addictive tendencies and mental wellness challenges.


The prevalence and influence of smartphones in contemporary culture cannot be understated. Younger demographics were found to have greater addictive tendencies, engaging with online content such as gaming, chatting, and social communities to a greater extent than their peers.   But the spread has rapidly impacted all facets and groups of society.  Despite the fact smartphones appear to offer ways to satisfy many needs, a person can remain unsatisfied.  This webinar discussion expands the dialogue in looking at the benefits, challenges, and dynamics of smartphones and their implications for social functioning and professional practice.  

Presenter Biography:

Jessica L. Faulk, MSW LCSWA, is a therapist with Walgren Counseling, a group private practice in Matthews, NC. She is a graduate of Winthrop University, with a master’s in social work. Her undergraduate degree in psychology is from Arizona State University.

Dr. Joshua Kirven, Ph.D., is an associate professor of social work at Winthrop University.  Along with being an academician, Dr. Kirven is a research-practitioner with twenty years of experience as a community strategist, researcher, and practitioner.  Dr. Kirven's research and practice areas are social determinants of men’s stress and health, fatherhood, neighborhood leadership and safety, public health, youth development, and empowerment-centered practice.

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