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Introduction to Youth Street Gangs    (MEMBERS ONLY)

Presented by Mario L. Hesse, PhD

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Webinar Objectives:

  • Understand how and why gangs appeal to youth
  • Know ways to help prevent young people from joining a gang
  • Appreciate the value of youth intervention programs
  • Assess the gang vulnerability level in your area
  • Review data, reports and readings that pertain to youth gangs


Introduction to Youth Street Gangs is designed to be an informational, introductory webinar for those interested in understanding gangs and gang membership. Specifically, this webinar presents research on why youth join gangs and how communities can build gang prevention and intervention services. Viewers will improve their understanding of youth street gangs, enhance their ability of identify and understand gang behavior and develop an enhanced awareness of gang prevention programs.

Presenter Biography:

Mario L. Hesse, PhD is a professor of criminal justice at the St. Cloud State University (MN). Dr. Hesse’s research and teaching interests are in corrections, gangs and media and crime. Mario has extensive experience working in the corrections field (adult community-based programs, juvenile detention centers and juvenile probation). Mario has published articles in ACJS Today, Corrections Today, Great Plains Sociologist, Criminal Justice Review, and the Journal of Gang Research.  Currently, Mario is a review-editor for the Journal of Gang Research and an associate editor for Forensics Scholars Today.   He is a coauthor of Gangs (2016) and Juvenile Justice: The Essentials (2010) textbooks.

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